Wondering how to make your space look its best with a wooden world map.
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The Size Matters
To simplify the decision-making process, we provided clear and concise marks:
3D Wooden World Map Multicolor
3D Wooden World Map Nordik
3D Wooden World Map Urban
You’re almost there! Just a few more hints:
Pick the place to hang your new map
Pick the perfect place to hang your new map. Remember to keep it away from the air conditioner, direct rays of the sun, and heating batteries to preserve its vibrant finish.
Check the evenness of the wall
To hang the map successfully, the wall surface needs to be flat and smooth. If it happens to be grooved, make sure to order an extra set of double-sided tape (just let our online managers know about that!).
Measure the wall size
Check the sizes of the wall you intend to decorate by using an app or a good old tape measure. If you’re 100% sure (are you?) about the wall that’s going to display your art, move on to the next step.
Use your imagination
Now that you know the height and length of the chosen map (or two), make sure to take the imaginary piece of décor and place it against the wall. If you’re choosing between several sizes, you’ll see which one creates a more harmonious look.
Proportionality is a must
Leave 5-10 cm of space at the top or between the map and the other décor or pieces of furniture to ensure the map will perfectly complement the interior.
Consider all the elements in a package
The package includes Antarctic and other décor fragments. Make sure you have enough room to mount every other detail.
Here’s why you’re a click away from falling in love with Enjoy The Wood products:
Perfect wrapping exists!
We put each map in a kraft gift box and pack every item of the set individually to ensure it is delivered safely. The box has a compact size and weight that together guarantee easy transport.
Elegant engraving
We work with laser cutting and do clear and precise engraving based on customers’ requirements.   We engrave in all languages. Besides, you’re welcome to personalize the chosen map. Just let us know in advance!
The feel-good touch
We add soul to every product that reflects our personal sense of style. We carefully pick the wood and sand it to make the surface perfectly flat and pleasant to touch. Quality, dedication, and commitment are the core elements of our brand's DNA.
Aesthetics is a must
To create an ideal 3D effect, we handcraft a wooden map with a couple of layers. The thickness of every item is 4-8 mm. This is closely linked with the product weight and its service life. We do our best to handcraft the finest quality piece of décor that will stand the test of time and won’t lose its external aesthetics.
Pick a perfect color palette
We create our color maps with the help of a printer. Thus, all the geographical names and symbols added to the wooden surface make the map even more detailed. If you’re looking for ways to personalize the item, the color maps will work well for that!