We have decided to share with YOU a little bit of "Why's" 

We aim to provide premium quality Home Decor that will surely fit your interior & personal expectations.
In most cases the Home Decor is just a thing that is being hanged on the wall or placed on any surface, we went even further, each element we create has multiple senses, such as entertainment, eco-friendly, feel & look and of course it's being super practical in daily life.
ENTERTAINMENT - each SKU has the fun part.

  • WORLD MAPS: when traveling the world you can pin the place you've been or even plan soon;
  • PUZZLEUP: unusual pieces that vary from picture to picture, also an important part we've thought of 21st-century speed in technology and added fun part with AR whereby completion of puzzle collection using your phone, and our app you can dive into the picture theme and something cool. Also, it can be used as a wall picture once you've done all above and keep in memory the fun part of collecting it with your friends/ family;
  • CATSMODE: each item has a few ideas such as fun for your cat that can either enjoy its new home or a wall shelf that can add fun for cat and cat owner. Also, the feel & look can be your cool new decoration of the room.

But the most important part is we enjoy seeing your smile & happy feedback after a purchase!

Enjoy The Wood team in the UAE 👋