Decorating your room or office does not just end with furniture, but the walls speak magnanimously of the overall theme and the vibe you want to match your thoughts with. It might seem challenging at first but when decorated as per the image in your mind, it can fuel your motivation or perhaps just provide you with a safe space.

Our 3D wooden world maps offer a vintage, yet colourful and modern look to your space. It will not only lighten up your space but also serve as a great gift for your travel-loving friends. Available in different colours, sizes, and map options – these world maps are made of high-quality birch plywood with flawless engraving details. If you choose to present it as a gift, we also offer customization of getting an inscription above it. These maps are specially handcrafted in Ukraine and are extremely easy to set up.


wooden world maps

The wooden world maps will never be a sore sight as the detailing and the finish will always leave something new to see every time you enter the room. You can spend hours exploring and journaling your travels with the aeroplane pins, flags, and special event pins. Keep a track of all the places that have left a memory in your heart and you can relive them whenever you wish. The package contains map pieces including ocean names, boats and compass, double-sided sticky tape, wooden planes, and corner stencils for you to unleash your inner creativity and play with your wall décor.


These eco-friendly 3D-coloured wooden world maps are fun and easy to install. It easily attaches to the wall with the help of the included double-sided tape that is specially designed to hold it. It takes up to 2-3 hours for assembly and can be a fun pass-time for a lazy Sunday or family time. It is not a geographical item, but a decoration item and some small countries or islands may be omitted due to the scale issue. The design is patented and offers a lifetime warranty.


3D wooden world maps

The 3D world map offers multiple layers and is available in more than 30 different colours. You can choose among two options – Prime (all-in with Antarctica) and Basic (without Antarctica).

Different sizes allow you to fit the maps to the designated space without any hassle, starting from 1-metre width to a maximum of 3 metres. Our 3D Wooden World Map Nordik can be perfect for a classy look for your office, with its minimalistic and meaningful design. Or if you wish to go for a warmer vibe for your room, then our 3D Wooden World Map Indie will do the trick. Not just the rooms or the office, but go all-out with the 3D Wooden World Map Waterpark for large spaces, such as hallways or meeting rooms as it will bring out the colour and the charm of the space. Or maybe, go for a mystery look with the 3D Wooden World Map White to complement the monochrome furniture and theme. With such a wide variety to choose from, the 3D world map in multi-colour options can be a life saviour or a creative hand you can hold onto to create a new world inside.

Get one 3D wooden world map now to fit your extravagant yet minimalistic décor needs and to step out of the box.