amazing wooden world maps

If you are a keen traveller and love to go places, you may definitely want to incorporate your passion into your home. Well, doing this is super easy as we’ve got amazing wooden world maps for your home.

Incorporating maps into home décor is amazing and a super effective method to give your home a whole new and polished look. Our collection of curated wooden maps are all set to give your walls and your home a whole new dimension and reflect your passion in an effective way.

But before you think of getting one for your home, you need to focus on a few tips that we’ve jotted down for you below, in order to make sure that everything fits well and you get the desired look for your home.


Wooden map wall size

It is very important to focus on the size of the wall where you are planning the wooden map decor. Focusing on the size of the wall helps you to plan the décor accordingly and also lets you understand your requirement. Think of a huge map on a really small wall or a small size map on a wall covering a larger area, weird and awful, isn’t it? Therefore, it is crucial to think or get advice from someone who knows these things better before actually getting a map for your wall.


wall color matching wooden map

Another crucial thing is the colour and pattern of the wall where you wish to incorporate the map. You need to keep the pattern and colour of the wall which has to carry your map before actually buying a map for it. Imagine buying a map that doesn’t go well with your wall colour. What a sheer waste of money. The pattern of the wall and the map you wish to put on it must complement each other in order to accentuate the look of the space around your home.


3d led wooden world map

Once you are done planning everything, you must think about the pattern and type of map you wish to get for your home. You also need to focus on the size of the map once you are done finalising the kind and pattern of map as the right size of map can make your space look better and the wrong size of the map can spoil the entire look of the space around your home. However, you don’t need to worry at this point of time as we’ve got multiple options for you such as 3d led wooden world map, wooden world map, 3d world map and even more.

Our 3D Wooden World Map Light is just the perfect map for your home if you are looking to light up your space with some really fine and creatively crafted world map. Infact, our 3D Wooden World map Dark Walnut has got you covered if you tend to choose subtle pieces over anything and everything else. Apart from these we’ve multiple options for you to choose from.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the perfect map for your home and let others take time to admire your taste in décor for times to come.