Share Stories of Your Adventures with World Map Wall Décor

World Map Wall Decor

Portray the adventure seeker in you on your walls with a multi-color 3D wooden world map. You can mark your favorite cities you would visit on your next travel adventure on these maps. When we think of maps, our wanderlust gets inspired to explore all the beautiful places in the world. This large wooden wall map will be a great source of motivation for planning your next vacation and looking forward to it. Decorate your walls for reflecting on the memories of adventures you had traveling around the globe. Share your astonishing stories with the guests visiting you admiring the décor on your wall.


wall-size 3D wooden world map

With a wall-size 3D wooden world map in your house, you can plan your world tour journey with your friends and family and create a very loving memory. Plan your route with marker pins and special event markers that come with the kit. Mark your travels over it and it sure is to become your stopping destination every time you pass that living room wall. This colorful handcrafted 3D wall art décor will add a vintage touch to your minimalist style. It is a meaningful and motivational décor for the wanderer in you or your adventure-seeking family. Relive all the memories of your last vacation while lounging with family on weekends.


wooden world map collection

Our wooden world map collection is made from high-quality birch plywood with detailed carvings of countries and continents. It is an eco-friendly and sustainable wall décor matching every style from vintage to modern. The kit also includes map pieces including ocean names, wooden planes, boats, compass, flags, sightseeing pieces to mark your favorite, airplane push pins, and colored pins for special event marks. It is provided with a cork globe with push pins to mark your destination. Living rooms will look more alive with the extension of your furniture in the form of the wooden world map on your walls. Lighten up your living space with the LED wooden world map. It will be perfect to glare at before going to sleep dreaming about your next destination and becoming nostalgic from the memories of the last vacation.


buy the wooden world map

You can self-install the wooden world map very easily. It attaches to the surface with the special double-sided sticky tape that we send with the package. We provide instructions manual for easy stepwise installation and corner stencils for keeping it aligned. It is a fun activity to install this inspiring piece of wall décor. It takes two to three hours to assemble the pieces which can be great for bonding with your family while having a fun time pass.

Before buying choose the type of map with the help of our app i.e.. EnjoyTheWood App and customize the size and color of the map on your wall to see which one you like and then buy the wooden world map. You can also inspire your loved ones to take on a world tour or visit their favorite place for their birthday or anniversary by gifting it to them with special inscriptions written for them. It is a great customizable ready-to-gift décor piece for home as well as office space. It is a great idea for inspiring your office space employees to work hard as it will remind them of all of their upcoming vacations.

Maps bring out the travelogue in our daily mundane routines. They have the potential to inspire Walter Mitty in each one of us lost in our daily lives and seeking new unknown places, cultures, and people.  Decorate your dream wall with the eco-friendly 3D wooden world map for that extravagant look and personalized touch of memories.