Hello All 👋, are you ready for an amazingly great news? 
We are happy to share The First 3D Luminous Wooden World Map Colored and its finally here. 

The map will light up your world 🌎

Two cool updates: luminescence effect and magnetic feature. It holds magnets, brings you joy during the day and glows in the dark! 
Simply captivating.
Go online and pick one for yourself or your loved ones.
We will deliver your new Wooden World Map and you can start an installation. 
It's yours. 

 LUMINOUS option: how does it work? Stores energy during the day, glows in the dark for up to 2 hours. All thanks to the magic paints which are totally non-toxic.

 MAGNETIC option: how does it work? The Map literally draws you in thanks to its fully magnetic surface. Place your pins and lightweight magnets effortlessly right on top.

We work every day to make something exciting and happy to see you feedbacks & loveÂ đŸ„°
Share with us your thoughts and let us know what would you like to see next