Luminous and Colored 3D Wooden World Map Will Inspire Your Living Space

Luminous and Colored 3D Wooden World Map

Admire the beautiful 3D Wooden World map that looks captivating mounted on your living room wall. Find the inspiration to take that trip across the globe or celebrate those which you cherish heartily. Made of high-quality birch plywood and finished in variable-colored themes, the 3D World Map is detailed with flawless engraving to add richness and vibrance to your sight.

Decorate your home with things that give you the pleasure to relax and contemplate as does the 3D luminous wooden map that glows in the dark. Soak in the beautiful colors marking your favorite countries and the memories it brings about them. Treat the traveler in you while your friends and colleagues enjoy the luxurious wall decor that can act like an additional ice breaker or a smooth slide for fun and nostalgic conversations.


wood art world map

The wood art world map is packed with a lot of surprises that can brighten up living space, featured in three colored variants that include, Colored Boho, Colored Nordik, and Colored Urban world maps. This is further coated with luminous and magnetic coatings that add the extra element of surprise to your furnishing. The luminous coating works by drawing in the light energy during the day and then glowing the beautiful wooden world map in the dark, adding the thrilling experience of owning this magical wall decor.

The thrill of the 3D wood map wall art is heightened with the magnetic coating feature that lets you place pins and magnets on top of it. It sustains lightweight magnets and has a durable magnetic surface that is just perfect for hanging photographs and cute little push pin flags or airplane charms.


Colored Wooden World Map

Be ready and take on the world, cover all the countries and learn everything you could, enjoy every bit of and when you come home cherish those moments glancing at the magical 3d wooden map wall art. The map is a decorative item and accurately mentions the geographical names, lakes, and rivers in Standard English, though some small countries and islands might be omitted to balance the scale issue.

The captivating 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map is featured in a thickness of 6 - 15 mm (0.23''- 0.47'') and glows for 2 hours in the dark when the magical and non-toxic luminous paint has fully absorbed the energy during the day. It is made flawless and holds up as a great magnetic wooden map board as it can easily hold lightweight magnets, magnetic pictures, and pins.


Wooden World map

The entire package of the Colored 3D Wooden World map comes with fancy topographical trinkets that can be used as a wonderful way to add more fun to the wall art. The box includes ocean names, boats, and compasses, with wooden airplanes, and corner stencil to finish the 3D wood map wall art birch with style. You can add sightseeing markers, special events markers, or push pin flags on the luminescent world map. To give more homely warmth, the interior decor is always open to the possibility of ideas that make you the most comfortable. Add Home Sweet Home or Adventure Awaits sign boards to give a perfect finish.

Made in Ukraine and with love, the 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map is all you need to make your home and living space livelier. It is a wonderful way to decorate your space with the places you want to visit. Amaze yourself as you enjoy the sophisticated artwork mounted on your wall.