Illuminate Your Space with 3D Colored Wooden World Map

3D Colored Wooden World Map

Decorating your house, room or an office sometime can be challenging at the first point of view.
We all wish to have the best looking wall, potentially with something that gives you a smile, perhaps motivational thought or just something that fit with the furniture that is around. 

Enjoy The Wood has created something incredible that fulfills everything mentioned above.
Wooden World Maps are great home and office decor, perfect gift as it comes ready to be gifted and an inspirational piece of art that lets you discover the world with no limits right now, right here. 

World Maps that we offer let you choose between:
- 3D (multiple layers) and 2D (single layer)
- Color (we have more than 30 different colors)
- Option: Prime (All-in with Antarcica) or Basic (without Antractica) 

We also have 3D LED World Maps in a natural color or colored ones that will light up your wall and gives absolutely different vibe and of course become an attractive place within your house or an office. 

Wooden World Maps are easy to install with a lot of fun.
You may pick airplane push pins to highlight the countries you wish to visit or flag push pins to point the countries you've visited already. 

Different sizes allow to fit on any space you are to allocate, starting from 1 meter width and the widest is 3 meters.
Colors allow you to find the best for the room you wish to have, some are classy for office, some are warm for the room and some are bright for the halls.