Find Inspiration to Travel with 3D World Map Wall Décor

3D World Map Wall Décor

Find your next go-to adventure by embracing the 3D world map wood carving on your living room wall. Create a deeper connection with the places you visited or lived by looking at and sharing the stories and culture of the place you experienced. Photos keep the memory of the moment intact and maps take us to places we visited and dream to go. There are limitless art options to transform a wall of your living space. Decorate your walls with wooden 3D world maps and you don’t have to be a seasoned traveler.  Decor the map of your favorite vacation spot on the wall above your bed and relive those wonderful memories every day! 


The 3D world wood map collection is carved out from high-quality birch plywood with detailed carvings of countries and continents. This is an eco-friendly and sustainable decor for your living and office space. Our kit includes map pieces along with ocean names & compass; flags, wooden planes, boats, sightseeing pieces to mark your favorite, airplane push pins, and colored pins for special event marks can be added as well. There is a cork globe with push pins to mark your destination. LED wooden world maps will lighten up your living space and will put you to sleep dreaming about your next holiday. These handcrafted colourful 3D wall world maps will add a touch of minimalist style art.


Choose the type of map with the help of our app ie. EnjoyTheWood App. Our app helps you in  customizing the size and color of the map on your wall to see which one you like and then buy the wooden world map 3D from our online store.

These can be self-installed very easily. They are stick-on to the surface with the special double-sided sticky tape that is included in the package. We provide instruction manuals for easy stepwise installation. The corner stencils provided will help you keep it aligned. Installing this inspiring piece of wall decor will prove to be a fun activity with your friends. It takes two to three hours to assemble the pieces. This will be great for bonding with your friends while sharing your travel tales. Else, feel free to reach out to our team to get the cost of an installation if you are in the UAE. Our team will come to your house or office and help you to make it.


personalised world map

Gift hunting can be stressful for loved ones, especially when you are looking for a gift that has a personal touch and has some symbolic meaning attached to it. One of the gift ideas is the personalised world map for inspiring and creating memories. These 3D wall size wooden maps are customizable to the sizes on demand. They make perfect gifts for any important occasion and for those loved ones who are working or studying abroad. It will make perfect memorabilia for your friend living far away from their family.


Maps have inspired travelers to explore new territories and bring out a zest of curiosity in us to see the places we have never seen or visited. Plan all your future travel destinations while enjoying the memorable time with your dear ones in your living room. The 3D wood wall decor is a great idea to make it a focal point in your room for discussions and dreaming.

Map tagged with your special places is a perfect way to celebrate your childhood parents’ home, the place you spent your college years, the place you had your first date with the love of your life, or even your honeymoon resort. They are great for motivating your employees to work hard, reminding them of all of their upcoming vacations. Maps on office walls will improve efficiency and productivity along with inspiring them to dream big.