We have been waiting this day long time, perhaps from the day talks have started in the UAE about Dubai getting EXPO.

The first question was "What EXPO is actually?" 
The internet helped fulfilled missing info and its all began 😃

So, today is the first day of EXPO 2020 and I have to say it's great to be here and be part of it. Absolutely love the things have been prepared for us. 
From the first moment we entered the area via car, something special was in the air, can't really say what it was but I was super excited and ready for something cool to happen with me. The very next moment when we parked the car, somewhere nearby the main entrance, where the huge metal art gate is made for us to show how we WELCOME all tourists and visitors here in the UAE (not sure if that's the real meaning, but that's what I felt, haha) 

When we crossed check-in area and the first step was behind I walked through all those pavilions: Norway, Vietnam, Colombia, Belarus, China Austria, Switzerland and others till the one we were looking for and it was UKRAINE 🇺🇦

Before entering Ukrainian pavilion there was huge Emblem of Ukraine done on an Emirati theme using Burj Khalifa 😃
When entered the pavilion itself I felt like being back home for sometime. 
Many people dressed in a traditional cloths, imitation of a field with millet and many other things. 
On a first floor Enjoy The Wood has a stand where you can see the 3D Wooden World Map Cappuccino on LED with all new features: luminous that stores energy during the day and glows within next 2 hours when no light & magnetic layer that allows you placing our new magnetic pins.

We expect millions of people to showcase our brand and feel the vibe around it. 
Check it yourself and come around to say "Hello" 👋

You can buy a map or any other Home Decor by using the QR that will take you directly to our website where you can choose something for you and your loved ones.