Exclusive Bundle of 3D Wooden World Maps to Decorate Your Living Space

3D Wooden World map

Redecorate your house with wooden wall décor that goes perfectly with contemporary wooden furniture. Bring out the best of your interior décor skills with the inspirational 3D Wooden World map made from high-quality birch and oak plywood. Creating the perfect welcoming vibes from your living space that can make your guest feel the warmth of your house is a secret passion in the heart of every host. Serve your friends and family with adventure in an elegant and chic way with the 3D World Map mounted over your sofa wall.

beautiful wood world map wall decor

Light, dark, two-tone, contrasting, or colorful, get all the choices for a beautiful wood world map wall décor that complements the hues of your house. Enjoy The Wood is a Ukrainian family brand dedicated to bringing the best out of wooden furniture and interior décor items that can make statements about your likes. Their collection of 3D wooden world maps is a testament to the quality and dedication that drives their blooming mission of bringing joy and inspiration to your household.


The Colored 3D Wooden Worldmap is an eco-friendly and sustainable wall décor that matches all styles from vintage to modern just like the places you’ve been to or are yet to explore. A pretty and memorable conversation starter, the wooden world map can bring back happy memories and would allow you to create new memories. It makes your space more bright and lively and allows you to go for a variety of options including physical features world maps that can be decorated with topographical trinkets or political world maps featuring specific themes like cruise, etc.


3D Wooden World Maps

The journeys, their planning, their execution, and their memories are altogether rewarding experiences that can turn even quiet travelers into amazing storytellers. The wall décor is an inspiration and a fabulous way to furnish your interiors making your lounging days more glamorous and fun, especially when the magnetic and colorful 3D Wooden World Maps glow in the dark.


Keep your house simply sophisticated with the perfect amount of contemporary and the perfect quantity of retro that is brought with 3D wood map wall art which is carved with classic countries and continents and lightens in the dark. The luminescent world maps are supplied with a layer of non-toxic luminous paint with the ability to fully absorb the energy during the day and glow for about 2 hours in the dark.

Where the natural light meets the natural dim, mount your favorite 3D world map in multicolor so it reflects the pretty colors during the day and irradiates the magical glow during the nights.


The 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Maps usually vary between a thickness of 6 - 12 mm (0.23''- 0.47'') and some world maps are exclusively made magnetic to stick on the complementary lightweight magnets, magnetic pictures, and pins. The 3D wood map wall art includes other exciting map pieces that include ocean names, wooden planes, boats, and a compass.

Surprise the traveler within by making this wooden world map a trophy for all the places you’ve been to or are yet to be explored. Add small magnetic flags, sightseeing pieces to the magnetic wooden map board that mark your favorite sites, airplane push pins, and colored pins for special event marks.

Admire the multicolor 3D World Map mounted in your special space and make it more welcoming. Add Home Sweet Home or Adventure Awaits wooden boards to finish off the interior wall décor with a warm homely finish.