We are being approached by our loyal customers and we hear many requests on the map customization. 
So we decided to conclude that all into 1 blog that can explain what we can do and how you can help us to do the best from your imaginary.

So, I am going to start from a short brief. Each of our World Maps is made to order. It means you can pick a standard size (M,L,XL,XXL); color from any currently available or a type of the map where you have some non-colored made of different types of the wood and some colored.

We can do customize the map based on your request. We can change almost everything. 

In our power to change the following:

  • Size or the color;
  • Add symbols to the Map (mark special places, engrave, print a logo, name of the city, even a wish);
  • Make a Map of any country/ city/ continent or an island, as an addition to the World Map or by itself (yes, any size!);
  • Change the language of the Map

Yeah, that's absolutely not everything we can do, so stay creative with your wishes and let us hear you. Just send all your wishes or reach out to our team to guide you through the possible ways to make your Map unique.

It may take a bit extra of time and the cost will be based on requested details.