If you have not experienced the wood panel map decor just yet, this is the right time. Beauty, meaning, inspiration, and a remarkably novel modern design. It will be a delight to the eyes and the talk of the town. More than a map, this Wood Panel World Map is must-have wall art. It is a motivation to learn, grow and explore. Vintage - a unique combination of antiquity and modernity.Space - dream away about exploring new universes just by looking at the map.Dark - mystery and depth, just fascinating.Concrete - class, reliability, and resilience - is this your motto? Bring your aspirations to life and the wooden panel world map into your interior, and feel truly comfortable with your surroundings and with yourself.Oil - art is timeless and beautiful, add a wooden panel world map to it and the outcome is breathtaking.Ocean - imagine the world coming alive in front of you. The wood-carved continents are...

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Yes, they are included :)
It depends on the size of the Map, though usually it takes around 2-3 hours of your time. Better have your family, friends who's there to share these great moments together.
The Map comes with everything needed, it has an instruction in writing, with pictures and QR code that will show the video instruction. If you still have any questions we are here to help anytime.